Have you seen those makeup tutorials on Instagram and YouTube where they just magically cover up and acne and then you look at yourself and realise you can’t even cover your dark circles right… well, same here! While I still haven’t figured out the exact science of cover-ups but I have found a way to cover up that one pimple that suddenly erupts on your face on an important day with makeup!


Shall we?


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1. Start by icing the zit and the area around it. This will reduce the redness and inflammation. Let it dry.


2. Dab some loose powder on the area to mattify it with a small eyeshadow brush.


3. Take a simple Band-Aid. Cut out a really tiny round piece, literally the size of your pimple and stick it on your breakout.


4. Once that’s stuck, dab some green colour corrector around the Band-Aid to cancel out the red.


5. Apply a coat of concealer on the bandage and set with powder. Then add another layer of concealer. The trick here is to keep everything minimal but to also make sure you don’t put makeup on an active zit.


6. Finally, do your foundation routine and dab another spot of concealer ONLY if needed.


I have used this trick specifically when I have recently burst a pimple and I have to step out. I just do not like the idea of putting on makeup on an open wound. But if you can, for the most part, please let your breakout breathe and don’t cover it up with makeup. This is ONLY when you don’t have an option and need a fool-proof way to cover it up.


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