“You attract the energy that you give off. Spread good vibes. Think positively. Enjoy life.”-Unknown Author

To most individuals, the home is not only a place of shelter or where you return to from a long day of work—no, to most people, the home is also a sanctuary. Without a doubt, it is where a major fraction of our time in, so it is only natural for us to create an environment that is not only comfortable but inviting and relaxing as well. Whether you are a believer or not, one of the unique yet effective ways to elevate a home’s general ambiance is to improve its energy. After all, everything is considered energy. The sentiment may sound abstract, but in a practical sense, it is a way of dealing with challenges in life by “changing your energy or channeling elsewhere.
Similarly, in order to create an atmosphere of good vibes and cultivate an environment of excellent ambiance, you should change the energy of your surroundings—particularly in your home. Redirecting a home’s Chi, the moniker designated to life force, is paramount to creating a platform for love, money, creativity, peace or health that you desire. So, if you wish to enhance the energy and direct Chi into your existing home—whether that may be in a BGC condo or elsewhere, here are some of the ways you can do just that:

1.) Clear the air

Invite natural breeze into your home by opening your windows and having the air circulation flow. If this is impossible to do—or if you live in a rather polluted area, you can alternatively use an air purifier or just simply have a glowing Himalayan salt lamp installed somewhere in your home. This would effectively permeate the air around you with happiness. In order to create a positive space, salt lamps would release negative ions into the air which air becomes infused in after a rainstorm.

2.) Deep clean

You cannot invite Chi and good energy into your home if your home itself is unwelcoming to it. One of the ways it can become rather uninviting to positive energy is when it looks neglected and is not thoroughly cleaned. Although clutter and mess are natural consequences of feeling stuck, that does not mean you should just leave them alone either. After all, a general semblance of disarray would mean stagnation and where stagnation is, energy flow gets blocked. To restore a home’s balance and optimal flow, it is imperative that you do some cleaning.

3.) Eliminate bad memories

It is inevitable that life’s tribulations and trials will leave you with bad memories. However, you should not hold on to them. Anything that is associated with hard, painful and trying times should be banished. To do this, any remnants such as photos, outfits, furniture, gifts from parts of your life that you do not want to remember and dwell on should be thrown or given away. If it is no longer serving you well or is causing you to recall bad events in your life, get rid of it.

4.) Add color

Enliven your living space by adding splashes of color to it. Every color in whatever intensity brings a different kind of energy to the space. If you want to foster growth and flexibility, add touches of green into your home. To welcome prosperity, choose red while orange brings warmth and cheer. Considering that there are a lot of colors to choose from, it can be a tad bit overwhelming to make up your mind. To address this, start with the colors that you feel partial to and make sure they are well displayed all over your house in the form of furniture or decor.



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