Model Liza Golden-Bhojwani opens up about her journey from thin model to plus size model.

She wrote, “I do it solely for myself, not for my job anymore. I eat what I want and I feel no guilt. And for me that’s a good feeling. Maybe I wasn’t made to be on the covers of magazines and shooting the biggest and best brands, but I was made for a reason. I do deserve to be happy and feel fulfilled. We all do. Maybe I was made to share this story and spread the message of body love to all the women out there struggling.”

This plus-size model, who was born and raised in Texas, is quite proud of her transformation.


She wrote, “It truly has been a journey and an adventure. When I see 2 contrasting photos of myself like this, I realise how far we’ve come.” (Photo: Instagram)


Liza, who was skinny during her modelling days, started piling on those extra inches for reminding the world to accept bodies of all size.


She never stopped working out, but her continuous weight gain didn’t bother her anymore. She said i am more happy now than i was in thinner days.





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