As we all know it takes lot of guts to share your feelings to anyone especially when you are passing from depression you feel like no one will understand you.


If you are going from depression always remember you are not alone, it could be any one of us.We all come into the trap at some point of time in our lives.


This is the story of my friend Natasha (name changed) from Delhi who was a victim of depression and was losing hopes in her life. 

She continued finding herself in a constant low mood, and never felt like meeting anyone or even seeing anyone near her asking “what happened “. All she wanted was to cry with her self-esteem almost dead, it hurt her all the time.She even used to have suicidal thoughts all the time.She wanted to do job in reputed company but had no options,neither she could take her life to next level by getting married without making her career which was not going well.


She was a intelligent student during her school in Dehradun and decided to move to Delhi for further studies which turned out to be the worst decision. 

When young people come far from home and experience freedom that too in fast going cities they easily divert their mind from career to wrong directions and this is what happened with her.

She made friends of bad company who were into parties,gamblings,alcohol etc so she used to do all of these things, used to bunk college,stay out at nights and she had no idea she was ruining her life as well as trust of her parents.

Unfortunately her wandering lifestyle kept her away from her very crucial years of basic educations. Thus she made a mockery of herself at the cost of one immature decision that led to her suffering for long years.

So once graduated she had no option left except sitting at home or do jobs like call center with low salary packages and it was the beginning of her depression.

Her health was getting affected,she lost the charm in her face,she was scared what she will tell to her parents that after they spended lot of money on me for 3 years of education and living all i could achieve is those jobs which are not related with my field and have low salary.

These thoughts were making her regretting the mistakes she did and wasted time and money of parents and used to feel she should end her life rather facing the parents with guilt.

As a dear friend, I have always stood by her and supported her.

So i had a talk with her , she shared her problems with me and i convinced her to  share your problems with her family and also do post -graduation and this time keep yourself focused only on career.

She gave thoughts on it and felt like what’s wrong in giving it a try so she had a talk with her dad, she promised him that trust me again and i will make you proud this time,he supported her and she took admission in MBA.

This time she stayed focus,did very well scored good score along with knowledge and got placed in a reputed company.

She is happily married now , her father is proud and she is satisfied with her career too.Whenever we talk she used to remember those bad days and thanks me for guiding her and says this phrase is very much true that “it’s better to be late than never “.





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