“Lob”- what does that sound like? New and funny? Chic and elegant? Honestly, just classy because Lob is the new black in the city. Now even Stylists say, it’s tough to rule out ‘Lob’ out of the Vogue pages. Confused? Don’t be. Lob is no rocket science, but the newest kind of haircut every celebrity to corporate house professionals is craving to adapt.

Yes, short is back in town. While last decade was only about big bangs with loose curls and princes’ haircuts, the new age fashion industry is solely opting the Lob cut to present their most elegant yet chic look. Lob is purely a long bob cut styled in a reverse U-shape. It looks classy, gorgeous and neat, all at the same time.

Why Lob style haircut has won the heart of many is no more a secret. Remember how messy our hair becomes, every time we walk out of our house? One reason why Lob cut has become a heartthrob demand is its low maintenance and high-class definition. It keeps your hair short yet classy and neat yet defined. Moreover, the increasing amount of pollution is directly affecting our long shiny hair. To protect its quality, somehow Lob cut is to the rescue.

There is one more secret why women are in love with Lob cut. Remember how your hair stylist demanded dollar upon dollar to straighten or style your hair just because they are too long. Well, now you can cut off the extra bucks by chopping your hair to a chic Lob cut and style them however you like.


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