Born To Break The Stereotypes

Mrs Monica Choudhary who recently bagged the title of Mrs India Earth Royal,2017 is born and brought up in a conservative marvari community in Rajasthan.Due to the family pressure of early marriage at the age of 19,she had to drop her studies . 

Nothing above could stop her, with her inner believes and strength ,she unveiled her hidden potential and emerged as an educator , a classical dancer and a sports woman.

From Dusk To Dawn….

When she was 10 she used to cry in class when teacher used to ask her for reading , she was not even allowed to have tuition classes as her parents did not wanted her to interact with boys and by the age of 19 she got married in a Jat family. Within 3 years of marriage ,she become mother of 2 kids.

There after ,her life took a turn with the unflinching support of her husband and by the age of 28th ,she became the  principal cum director of school and after 2 years of that she won Mrs India Earth Royal Beauty .



Education Has Always Been My First  Passion…

Even after marriage and two kids, she was always passionate about upgrading her profile. She completed B. Sc , MSc (child development-Gold medalist), SLET,NET, RTET, MA(english), B. Ed after her marriage.

Professionally i started as a kindergarten teacher and later with my determined zeal , I bagged the scarlet of Campus Director cum Principal


Most of the Indian women including me feels marriage is the end of learning new academic skills  but this is a myth only.According  to her ,”Marriage Is Not The End.”


From Principal To Beauty Pageant

It was her husband who gifted her the idea to participate in  the contest Mrs India Earth and provided her great support.


Being an academician, i really want to empower thousands of students to fulfill their dreams through skill based learning and soft skills, especially women.


Secret Of Her Fitness And Beauty

She revealed yoga and only yoga as her beauty and fitness mantra.



A healthcare professional, freelancer by choice,a motivational and self published author.

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