My very own cousin brother kept establishing sexual intimacy with me not once or twice but till we attained ecstasy.



I was just  19 years old and had no idea about what it feels like to be getting into intense sexual pleasure. But i was completely taken a back when my cousin one day came to my home in Delhi, only to confess his wild side and his fondness, actually to my body more than me. He told me that whenever i think about you, my penis gets aroused and now after seeing you like this i can’t resist myself and will now get off with you anytime.       

Vineet, My cousin basically hails from the small town. He came to Delhi to pursue his graduation from a College in DU. Then, obviously, he had a very long stay to finish his studies and later applying for a job in Delhi was undecided though. But no one except me was knowing what was going in his head albeit his study. He was sharp since childhood but somehow he was deviating from his career day by day and got involved in wrong deeds only to satisfy his uncontrollable urge.      


I was preparing for medical exams and  taking coaching classes and used to commute Janakpuri daily for the same, but unfortunately, i was low on health and had an ache in my head one morning so dropped the idea of going on that particular day.


Although i was doing nothing but on that chilling winter day where i was enjoying that bright sunny in my balcony while sitting on the chair, brooding over some issue when i noticed my cousin is coming towards our home.   

I gave warm hug to him once he entered and i asked how everyone in the family is. He looked so reluctant to talk on any family affairs instead he was more hooked on something erotic conversation to initiate so sat alongside almost like any other couple does. I could sense some sexual tension cropping in his mind but before i decided to speak to the point, He was so prompt in holding my waist from behind then slowly he was whispering something in an ear and then kissed my neck to seduce me then he lifts me in his arms to lay down in bed after that he comes on the top of me in one of his sexual orientation , then he unzips my shots and tee to remove all inner wear to perform interesting foreplay where he starts  touching me on my down side with his middle finger in his own stereotype swag, and now grabbing my boobs so gently to lick it to turn me on and was not letting me space to breathe even which was yet mesmerizing feeling to me .I was so shy and shocked that whats going on but that feel was exciting me that i could not stop him.Soon that foreplay turned into sex ,which was so intense to both of us where we both felt ourselves lost in the bliss equally as nothing can detach us since I then didn’t feel like pushing him so hard against me even after sudden realization of going something obnoxious aftermath but same time I was feeling him so deep inside me yet convulsed in pain while he kept penetrating one side, I almost felt the pain of losing my self-esteem somewhere. Another hand I was screaming and moaning, but he never let me go till we almost unleash together. Though, after establishing this intense relationship, we turned                    

Addicted to each other and our desire grew intense it for a long term. It was a moment when I too forget that he is somewhere my cousin and its ramification will affect both of us in future somewhere down the line.   


Though, He has always been a playboy in his life yet secretive from family, where he is going to be a breadwinner in a family in the next few coming years. Moreover, he is the eldest of three siblings with two other sisters being one of them is married and stay in Lucknow with their two kids, a boy and a girl happily . Whereas other Sister too is growing into a beautiful and chic teen girl who is studying in school and being the youngest, she too gets influenced by anybody on some gesticulations only. On the contrary to all his incidences, his family has not a single clue about his wild playboy image. And what he is doing in Delhi other than his so-called career planning.  


Jolly, Her younger sister, when she recently came to know about his philandering attitude through one of her pal then she behaved so normal and unaffected and

Said He is a young boy and can do whatever he wants and  i will be always by his side.


So my reactions to her are not going to be even worth discussing in this situation. She is immature and yet innocent.    


Elder Sister Garima is not well educated, deliberately she is not shocked by his any of such incidents and said, he has touched me inappropriately when i was growing. But i don’t have any regrets as it happens with any male and not a big deal.  


On the contrary, she was slut-shaming those women of today. Her orthodox principle once again appears in her statement being a woman, we must be careful while dressing up. we should not party late at nightclubs blah blah.


At the end of the day, whenever I try to recollect my own incident as it becomes so hard to get over easily but yet not able to decide whether it was a nightmare or my very first sexual bliss with someone in family clandestinely. Surely, it makes me turn on at times, while I know it is disgusting and against all odds with many of common beliefs and moreover, I have kept this on the sly, till date. And still, I am still in touch with him, telephonically. But now I have moved on and kept myself away from him to learn our future outcome.                     


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