Jabalpur’s daughter and a beauty queen Diksha Chhabra made the city and nation proud by bagging Mrs body Fit ,2nd Runnerup title of Mrs India Earth,2017. 31 year old Diksha is married to an army officer and is a proud mother of 7 year old son.She started her journey as an ordinary fitness seeker just one year back.In reality she was destined to be a fitness ambassador and beauty pageant owner.

Its not her titles but her life journey which is very exciting and inspiring and we could not resist ourselves to know more about that so decided to have an interview session with her.



Here’s the spotlight on words shared with her:

How you started your fitness journey?

It started with onset of health issues as I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and polycystic ovarian disease 2 years back. I was overweight 86 kg hence to get rid of hormonal disorders I started working out.I was 29 year old then but most of my life especially after marriage I was overweight. Now I am 31 but for me age is just a number. Nothing can stop me from moving ahead. Never looked back since then.

What changes you made in lifestyle to achieve such fitness goal ?

Switching from a sedentary lifestyle to an active lifestyle full of physical activities is not an easy.I modified my home environment,put motivational quotes and pictures in all the corners.I switched gradually so that I can enjoy the process.It’s a slow process but always keep you hopeful because you witness the changes in your body. Now fitness and healthy eating is an integral part of my lifestyle.I breathe ,eat and sleep this fitness,Its into my blood and veins.

I was having aim to loose 5kgs first then it became 10 then coming to ideal weight and now to get an amazing body shape.Keeping small goals is always a right way to success .. as i was taught in my MBA days.. there is nothing like quick success.. success comes with lots of failed attempts and once you get results , you get addicted to it.


That is just outstanding , i am going to  follow your path as well .Now i would like to know how did you get into Beauty Pageant Contest ?

My confidence and my conscious were my biggest inspirations.I was already on the track of fitness buff and grooming sessions out of my personal interest and concerns  and then I read about this contest on Internet later my trainer motivated me.

And when you start admiring and appreciating your self and your efforts you look for such platforms where you can showcase your achievements.


Great so how your family supported you in all this journey ?

They are proud of all my achievements, family  and friends both  have played great role in my  success . They are really happy with the outcome of my efforts and their support.I Am very lucky to have such people around.


Nice , So what are you doing these days  ?

I am a fitness trainer now training online as well as offline and also helping people with  diet tips etc.


Lovely , it was a very inspiring interview session with you and hope it will motivate many other people to start working out and giving priority to body fitness along with other things of life. Thanks for your time good luck for your future.

Yeah thanks for the wishes. I had a lovely time too , good luck .






A healthcare professional, freelancer by choice,a motivational and self published author.

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