Holi is the festival of colors and full of fun. But keeping aside fun filled memories, it also leaves us with bad skin and hair. Here are some amazing tips and tricks that will safeguard our skin and hair and let you drench in color without any worries.

For your nails

It is very important to care for your nails as the color stays for longer if it sticks which looks so bad. It’s better to cut and trim long nails so that the color didn’t get deposited in them. Apply at least two coats of any dark color nail paint to protect them from damaging from holi colors. Also, apply petroleum jelly to cuticles.

For your skin

Skin suffers the most in the holi season and so it needs the utmost care. Avoid taking any skin treatment one week before and after holi. Also, avoid using loads of makeup just stick to the generous amount of moisturizer with sunscreen. Try out wearing fully covered clothes in order to get protected from colors and chemicals and apply oil to the exposed parts of your body.

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