Who says culture and attires cannot bring people closer? Look at these gorgeous outfits on this Georgian girl!

This is a story of a charming soul, Anuki Chumburidze who hails from Tbilisi, Georgia. She has completed her course in art, restoration, and conservation from Tbilisi State Academy. Also an amateur photographer and a makeup junkie, she loves to paint. While she was a kid of 4-5 years, she came across India from her dad who brought a movie in a cassette which was being played by her again and again, till the time she did not learn the dance steps, songs and acting. Then in 2009, her friends from India added her on facebook where she got more fascinated about Indian culture, attires, jewelry, and makeup.

She started painting Indian women and with the help of her friends, got Indian attires and jewelry. She got the chance to visit India twice and every time she fell in love with the country. She wasn’t that equipped with good cameras at that time but she hopes that next time she stays for a longer period of time and maybe work here in India and explore the country more with her photography.


A transcendentalist and a grammar nazi, graduate in English Literature and Mass Communication. Currently doing Masters in English from Panjab University, Chandigarh. An inquisitive, avid reader. Dog lover.

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