A courthouse in Italy in a very undignified move, acquitted two men of rape charges saying that woman appear undesirable to get raped. The ruling received much flak from the citizens and crowd of protesters showed up to the courthouse.

In 2015, two men were accused of raping a 22-year-old Peruvian woman. They appeared in court first in 2016, the decision to acquit them all the charges were made by a group of all female judges in 2017. The judges at Ancons court said that the victim’s story is not reliable as she is ‘too masculine to get raped’. The arguments hence made, are based on a photograph of the woman as well as on the convicts’ statements who openly said they were not attracted to a woman. One of the convicts even had the woman’s number saved in his phone as ‘Viking’.

According to the victim’s lawyer, Molinaro, her client’s drink was spiked with drugs during a group encounter at a bar. Doctors believed that her injuries were ‘inconsistency with rape’ and found a high level of benzodiazepines in her blood. Specific benzodiazepines called Rohypnol are also translated as ‘date rape drug’ because of its extensive use in sexual assaults. The drug’s sedative properties are being abused when mixed with alcohol. Though what benzodiazepine was found in the victim’s bloodstream, is not clear.


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