Selena Gomez has never been one to shy away from embracing her body and wears whatever she likes to wear. Recently,She was spotted wearing a very stylish black leather jacket while attending the Hillsong Church event held at the Hammerstein Ballroom.
As always she was looking beautiful well dressed but one news post in one of most popular news portal dailymail represented this news with lots of nuisance.
The post states Selena Gomez flashes cleavage as she goes hell for leather in biker jacket at church service

First we would like to ask them cleavage ? really ? where did the reporter finds cleavage in her outfits ? through his cheap eyes ?
Its well covered outfit but even if it had a deep neck its not a right way to write article for cheap publicity and getting number of clicks by such title.

Such journalist should be slammed for bad ethics of journalism objectifying women just to gain the attention.


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