She was sleeping when the phone rang. The call was from her beloved’s assistant informing her that her husband’s car had met with an accident and he had died after succumbing to his injuries. She didn’t weep, she didn’t answer. She dropped the phone on the marbled floor and sat stoic on the bed. He was gone. Gone so quickly and suddenly. She hadn’t even informed him about their growing child inside her, being informed of the news in the morning, she planned on giving her husband a surprise. But, what now….
How will she live with a face resembling to her husband without his arms embracing her?
How will she live in a house with his memories surrounding her?
How will she lead a life without his voice firing opinions?
How will she live?
The questions shouted amongst the walls of her heart. He was gone. A futile accident had dragged him away from her. She stood up and looked around painfully. She had so much to say, so much to express and share but he had left her all alone. She thought of their last meeting, how he had kissed the top of her head in the morning and said, “I will be back home for dinner, sweetheart. Some fetish surprises in bed tonight.”
She had giggled as she bid goodbye to her husband for his meeting. She stood up and walked outside, his memories hypnotising her. Her heart screaming inside her ribs, and her soul tearing itself apart. She clutched the door and closed her eyes. His physical affection surrounding her, she smiled. It was all a lie, her husband was alive. She opened her eyes and whispered, “Love?”
But the daunting reality made her realise that she was all alone. Her beloved was lying dead on a hospital bed and there was no way she could ever gain his affection again. She fell on the floor and held her head in her palms, it was then that the tears began to fall.
The words chanting in her brain. The tears fell like rain as the reality and the loneliness embraced her and said, “He wasn’t there, but a part of his soul was still living inside her.”


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