So, You wouldn’t marry a girl who was trapped in an MMS obloquy.

Well, In that case, she shouldn’t marry a guy who watches porn. .

So, you wouldn’t marry a girl who is not a VIRGIN,
In that case, She shouldn’t marry a guy who has slept around with a handful or more.

You wouldn’t marry a rape victim.
In that case, she shouldn’t marry a person as ‘dirty’ as you. .

We live in a place where criminals who should be deported from the world are left free on paroles but
victims who should be uplifted n given moral support are deported from schools, neighbourhood and even their own country, their world shatters YET they pay the price and are considered a ‘bad influence’- A KALANK ! .

So , you wouldn’t marry a …
WAIT ! You shouldn’t marry at all, because your daughter will have the worst influence around her in form a chauvinist father. – (the real kalank)
She will be brought up by someone who will only ask her to return home before 8, ask her not talk to boys(but grow up and marry one, particularly of his choice), who will teach her to sit properly, stand properly, speak properly until she finds a PROPER groom.

What’s with this ‘proper’ ?
.. May be, in real sense, She must be properly taught about her rights. ‘Properly’ taught to utilise her freedom as a woman to learn life and properly taught to STAND UP against men like you!
Properly be EDUCATED because that’s the most overriding need of the hour.


A feminazi who cares about women empowerment and is against animal abuse. An English Language trainer who works in one of the leading English speaking academies in Delhi, She writes about women in-charge in the current era, and how important it is for them to be financially, mentally and emotionally self-reliant and shares her favorite work outfits on her blog 'Her Lavish Hustle'.

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