In the past three years, a student doing her research for the criminology department of the Angalia Ruskin University of UK named Madhumita Pandey from New Delhi has researched 100 rape convicts to understand the actual reason and psychology which leads them to commit such dirty crimes. What she found is indeed the root cause of such problems this country is still struggling with. During her interrogations and research, she found out that these convicts could hardly qualify as educated men. They were mostly either those who never went to even schools or those who went but never did go beyond 3rd or 4th standard or clear high school.

While describing her one of the cases in particular where a participant 49, sent Pandey on an unexpected journey, expressed guilt on raping a 5-year-old girl. She quoted, “He said ‘yes I feel bad, I ruined her life.’ Now she is no longer a virgin, no one would marry her. Then he said, ‘I would accept her, I will marry her when I come out of jail.'”

This response shocked Pandey so much that she had an urge to find out more about this particular girl. She found the whereabouts of this girl with the help of the man who revealed details of this incident and when she found the girl’s mother, she got to know the shocking fact that the family had not even been told that their daughter’s rapist was in prison.

In her research, she also found that these men are not actually extraordinary or any such thing but instead they belong to pretty normal people whom we cross paths with on a daily basis. So she wondered what actually drove them to commit such big crimes? And when she dug deeper she realized that even though India is growing at a fast pace the society is still male-dominated where men are gods and women are to submit to them. Where women still do not take the name of their husband and call them and are only considered to be good enough to stay at home and do their household duties. These deep-rooted boundaries and misconceptions are what makes these men think that it is okay to objectify and molest women because they are not good enough to be treated as their equals and they disrespect them.

So the question that remains to be asked in the end is, India is growing, but are we? The answer to this question is no.  And Pandey came up with this easy solution during her research that most of the issues can be solved by providing proper education and giving sex education to people.

Source: NDTV


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