The coldest time of the year has come. The temperature is decreasing day by day in the northern hemisphere. Winter season means a lot of hot drinks, snacks and urge to stay longer in the bed, layering up yourself with tons of warm clothes to stay warm. Winter is my favourite season and I think it gives you more option to look stylish yet warm. I am going to share few style tips to completely rock your look this winter season.

1. Learn The Technique of Layering

To stay warm, you need to layer up clothes to prevent yourself from getting sick. Layering can sometimes make you look bulky even if you aren’t. Layer up your clothes in style to look gorgeous and super stylish.



Cowl necklines are back in trend now, you can wear any plain tee or even a sweat shirt beneath it to form a nice layer. Wear your fur jacket with a long cardigan and pair it with a tank or tee.

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