So college is all about falling in and out of love. Some serious some lessons, some experience, and some memories. All these points of time in our lives are worth remembering. If it’s a hurting past, its good to look at them, smile for while and move ahead, if it’s just past its good to laugh at, if it’s a memory it makes us smile and miss, and if a lesson….Oooo lets just let it be and kick-start a new chapter.

This was during the final year of my college, this is a very common case though when someone is attracted to two people at the same time and I am no exception to it. I actually didn’t realize when it all started and I was never sure about anyone.

Kunal was in my college and he was a very close friend someone I would share all my bitchy stories with and as time passed we came really close. He seemed as a perfect match to me. Being a popular guy among girls in the college, I was really attracted towards him. Meanwhile, I used to talk to my friend’s friend (Ammy) who was not in my college and he seemed to be a really nice guy also the fact that he was good looking was a plus point. So one fine day during the valentines week while I was talking to Ammy, Kunal suddenly texted that he likes me and wanted to be in a relationship. In the heat of the moment, I said yes though I wanted to say no. But then like every girl, fear to lose my importance in his life and all that shit led to this not so perfect story and relationship.


Just 3 days into the relationship we decided that it isn’t working and we are better as friends. So after that, I just went with the flow and the flow was towards Ammy. We both were attracted to each other and decided to meet during the summer vacations. This was the first time we were meeting each other, all conscious about my look and the urge to impress him with every possible idea that I could develop. The wait seemed too long.

After meeting him I started liking him even more but we didn’t commit to each other as it was too early to come in a relationship. Later when I went back to college I felt bad of the fact that Kunal and I weren’t talking as we used to and I was still a little attracted to him. After a few days of chilling with him one day Kunal and I we hooked up and I thought it’s okay because I was not in a relationship with Ammy. After that Ammy and I grew close day by day I realized that hooking up with Kunal was not the right thing and I was filled with guilt for cheating on Ammy. I gathered the courage to somehow tell him and I did. He was broken then but decided to give me one chance to make it up and I did everything.

I stopped speaking to Kunal, blocked him from everywhere and we were strangers. Ammy and I met after seven months and everything was good. Though he had changed a little, my feelings were so strong that I couldn’t see anything. One week after I met him, Ammy said he wasn’t sure about anything in the future and he was looking for an escape. I didn’t stop him and I let go of him. The irony is now both of them are on my block list.

The truth is you can’t row two boats at the same time I did it and I drowned. But nevertheless it was a much-needed lesson and I am better off without them.




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