We were in love until life became difficult and our love started getting tested. Everything seemed like a fairytale, in the beginning, I was a princess and he was my Prince. He was like my fortune cookie, my own personal piece of heaven. How does it feel the first time someone bends down on their knees in front of you? How does it feel when that someone is the one you always wanted? That first time when you saw him walk through the doors in a white shirt and a backpack, full of confidence and so sure of himself and you feel a connection something which is not just skin deep. That epic fluttering in your stomach, that so-called first love.

What happens when you see the person, that person asking you to be his and that he happens to desire you equally? Let me tell you what happens, you feel numb because you just don’t believe fate. Your happiness just straightaway reaches Cloud nine.

“In order to be happy oneself it is necessary to make at least one other person happy.”

Friends, family everyone becomes secondary to you that moment. That person right there becomes the world to you. Your day begins with his name and your nights’ end at him.  He becomes the center of your world. But what happens when that love is put to test?  And what happens when your Prince Charming turns out to be the biggest coward of the millennium who cannot even be sure of his own feelings to last a lifetime? You keep taking a leap for him but you see that you fall each time because he is never there to catch, hold you and say no matter what I’ll always be there. Well, all of this happened to me. Yes, I got a firsthand experience of all this. It wasn’t just the long distance that killed our love, it was the fact that he actually was never in love with me.

It is far better to be alone than to be in bad company.

As soon as things became tough and real he ran away. He abused me emotionally, mentally and verbally. Even after all this, I kept giving him chance after chance but he never changed. Somehow he always succeeded in making me the bad person and making me feel guilty. And it was always me who was apologizing. Well, I guess he did not even see me fit for a proper goodbye and an easy going break up.

From calling me names to cursing my parents and abusing them as well he didn’t leave any stone unturned to make me hate him and call love stupid. He never encouraged me and was never satisfied no matter what and how big on a scale, I did things for him. Yes, I did feel broken inside at that time but I learned the fact the I will always survive the worst and stand again.

No matter how madly you love, sometimes we need to let go things for our good.

Well this happened last year but my heart still feels bruised and bleeding, completely wounded. And the girl who was so in love with just the idea of love is the most scared of it now, falling in love, staying in love all seems to be fake now. My friends say it’s just the matter of time and a right person and I’ll be fine again and I’ll love again. But what about the emptiness I feel inside? Is there actually a person here who will make me feel again, who will fill the emptiness inside of me? These questions still remain unanswered.  Yes, I survived but somewhere in the love” aspect, I stopped believing and living.

 I realized this is not the end. All that happens, happens for good after all rainbow always come after the darkest storm.



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