This is the story of a woman working on famous company in Gurugram having reputed position and how lust  of 2 of her colleague changes her whole life in one night .

This is the story of my close buddy which have been kept secret but i could not take it anymore so decided to pen it down and will also not mention the names.

I dont want other women to stay quiet like her rather stand for themselves and fight for justice.

First i would like to tell you how she was.

She hails from small town of Haryana having introvert nature,used to get bullied by her friends.Even her parents was not satisfied with her and used to criticize her all the time.

She worked so hard for her success and as a result she just started to live happily with positive vibes all around.

May be life had some different plans for her, life from heaven turned into hell in just matter of few hours.

Around 2 year ago one night she was working  in her cabin accompanied by her two juniors who were sitting next to her.She had no idea that her two colleagues whom used to hate her for  arrogant attitude in workplace thinking of something that wrong which no girl can even think of.They were planning to teach her lesson.

When they saw most of staff has left and area near her cabin is not having anyone around one of them went towards door and locked it while she was clueless and was wrapping her work  then suddenly one of them went to her and started forcing her ,very soon his partner joined him too, while one was holding her and her mouth the other started to undress her.They hit her hard to drop her fight esteem and started raping her 1 by 1 they kept raping her many times one after another and she half unconsciously just started to wait for the end.

That moment she was thinking “This can’t be real,i am sleeping and soon someone will wake me up”.

But things did not ended there,after they were done with sexual things they thought of something even more worst.They started searching for hard objects in office and whatever they found they inserted that to her vagina which ripped her private area internally bruised and lead to bleed in profuse amount.

Then the boys went out from the venue and disappeared.While her parents were clueless waiting calling her again and again , even they kept calling her office number but no one was picking.

Finally a staff member approached her left in a sheer shock after seeing her naked wrapped in blood all around and immediately called the senior officials who made a decision of taking her to hospital.Though doctors wanted to report to the police but company officials convinced doctors to provide treatment without reporting this incident to anyone.

The height of brutality in this heinous crime was that this incident was never brought into the picture to the outside world just to save the reputation of one of world class organization.

Whereas parents tried to fight for justice but their first focus was to save her daughter and bring her to normal life.

While company has paid all the compensations to the family , and victim’s mother could not come out of shock till now yet the Organization is doing everything to not highlight this sensitive issue so that company reputation does not get affected.Even not even single staff member had a courage to stand with that girl and her family so due to pressure from high class people even her family had to backout.

Those 2 rapists were terminated from company but was that enough ?

Girl is still recovering ,she can never be a mother and might even have problems while making sexual relation with anyone in future , how hard for her is to see such monsters freely roaming around ?

I know people will say she should have fought for justice, should have done that blah blah but in real we all know its easy to comment on others but when things comes to us everything changes.

Dont know when women in India will feel safe , we talk about safety while travelling but seems like we are not even safe in our office.

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