Looks do matter but it is not everything and when talking about what men love about girls. Men usually have a habit of drooling in whatever women do but boys are simply not good at expressing things what they adore about girls. Find out what all things guys desire and like in girls besides appearance.

Lip Gloss Love Affair

Women usually think that men love those luscious lips but actually they love when girls apply Lipgloss with head tilted and a mouth little open. Boys find it extremely attractive when girls apply their lip balms or so.


Charming Smile

Men give the pleasant smiling look to almost every woman they meet but when that look is delivered back with amiable expression well that is the moment when most of them are turned on.

Fluttery Laugh

Your giggling at his jokes sounds cute for him. An honest laughter that lightens up your face is what that brings boys to your yard, this high-spirited laugh makes boys irresistible.

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