“ I am a girl that loves to walk the street with the sense of freedom. I love playing around with my friends without hesitating of laughing louder or being heard. I too have desires to wear my favorite dress, no matter it shows my knees or my back. Then why do you people with the ill mentality and abnormal development of brain think that I have to take your permission to rock on that dress that I think showcases my body perfectly.”

This isn’t just a statement, but the voice of hundreds & thousands of independent women of India that undergo a cruel scrutiny of the male chauvinist society for every single thing. She can’t walk on her own, dress as she likes, speak her opinion and do what she desires.

Recently there have been many cases of gang rapes, murder after the rape, acid attacks, and female genocide. While the latter are the cases of mentally ill societal perseverance, Rapes have been acclaimed to be the fault of the girl, Why?? Because, she was not dressed appropriately.

To all the haters, a girl wearing a Burka on the road is as vulnerable as a girl wearing a short skirt because she has the same beauty and modesty that some sick people consider a playing object.

We have the right to wear anything we desire, no matter it is too short to show our legs or too deep to offer you a glimpse of the cleavage. Did we ever bother when you walked the street wearing those ill fitted sandos and a boxer short? No, we didn’t, because we are not sick like most of the men are today.

Okay, you saw my BRA STRAP. So, What?? It is a garment that I wear for my comfort. You can see it because I am wearing it. Even if I am not, how does it bother you? Go, do something meaningful.

It’s not just the men, but we; women have also become a critic for ‘Feminism’. It is high time, we step forward to tell the world that we are humans and have a body just like yours. If you do not have the ability to keep your ill thoughts in control, DO NOT BLAME US!!!


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