Unsuccessful Attempts To Persuade Him

One time i motivate myself, i tell myself that this is not the end here, life will give me much more opportunities, one time i  feel so numb and demotivated. I try to call him 100s of time each day. I texted him every hour. Sometimes i feel i don’t need him and one time, without him my life goes colourless. When some one gives you so much love and care and all of sudden when they changed our life shattered into millions pieces and become so hard to pick all of them again and move on. I still don’t understand why we become a lifeless creature. We cant force somebody to stay in our lives just because we need them or we cannot live without them or we dont know what to do without them. U cannot make someone realize his fault if he has made his mind that he is not guilty and he had cleared the things already in his mind. He will not consider you no matter how much you try girls. People say, “understanding a girl is difficult”, but in my opinion “Understanding a boy is much more difficult.”

I called him today with courage and hope, my hands were shaking and i was trying to hold my emotions i called to hear his voice, i called him because i was not feeling concentrated. I thought i would say that Thank you for all the good memories and sorry for all the times i have ever hurt you. I thought, i would say that lets start it over again.

HE PICKED MY CALL AND SAID, Why r u calling me, r u mad or what don’t you understand that i m at home i cant talk to you and there is nothing to talk on don’t bug me off i m sleeping.

And i just said “okey” in a crying voice. And he disconnected the call.
( Whatever U r doing girls/boys do it with full efforts, But dont torcher someone if He/She is not willing to be with u )


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