Singer/ Actor/ Director Selena Gomez has gone through a lot due to her Lupus but recently a sock came over her fans and supporters with news of her kidney transplantation while she had to go through the disease.


The 25-year-old beauty has faced a lot during the past 2 years since being detected by lupus. She has been very open about her disease and has even helped in spreading awareness regarding it amongst common people. She has been gracefully fighting Lupus from the past 2 years. First by ignoring and gracefully replying to all those who body shammed her due to some weight gain and now by bravely coming out and telling the world about getting a kidney transplantation as Lupus loves kidneys and they are always in danger of being severely damaged and destroyed while facing this disease. Her best friend  Francia Raisa came to her rescue at this time by being her donor.

So here in Hollywood itself where reel hero and heroines live and breathe daily, it has got some real heroines too, fighting and surviving. This transplantation has been one of the reasons why Selena Gomez hasn’t been promoting her new album. But now that everything has been done and dusted she again reconnected with her fans and supporters by sharing her experience through the Instagram upload on the Thursday of this week.



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