The woman is always referred to be the finest of the creation of the Almighty. Indeed, they are. Perfectly blended with all the best characteristics of mankind, a woman has been the nurturer for humans since the inception of the civilization. Be it any front personal or professional, a woman has tended to show her impeccability every time. Capacitating all the awesome qualities in one body, indeed make a woman a Super Human. If you too are a woman underrating your capabilities, here are some reasons, Why being a woman makes you Super Human?

1.The ability to give birth


No words are effective in explaining this god-like power of a woman. The ability to give birth to a child is the biggest proof of woman being Super Human.

2. Caring & Nurturing

It is an unsung duty of a woman to take care and nurture everyone around her. Right from her childhood till the time she dies, she nurtures and cares for everyone. Isn’t it a quality to applaud?

3.The selflessness

A woman is the reflection of selflessness. She never complains of her pain and runs on her toes to fetch everyone whatever is the need of time. She would rather stay hungry to feed her family with love and compassion.

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