What happens when a relationship matures into marriage? Does it remain the same throughout the life? The answer is NO. Here are some expectations a woman have from her would be husband.

Cuddling/ Sleeping

Women expected that their romantic life will stay the same in future. The cuddling, sleepless nights will continue until the end and he will never be tired of physical intimacy. But in reality, embracement will not last forever. The companionship, friendship, and partnership elements of marriage only grow, and those are the things that sustain you through all seasons.

He will cook for you

The dream that he will wake you up in the morning with breakfast cooked by him or he will surprise you with dishes he cooked specially for you will remain the dream. In reality, a woman is the one who has to be served like a maid all the time, he will not go to step into the kitchen and cook for you.

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