A lot is being said and discussed about gender equality but one more incident has taken place which makes us believe that implementing gender quality is still a daunting task.

Alize Cornet, the French Tennis player, was lately handed a code of violation during a US Open match when she readjusted her top because she wore it from front to back. She did it on the side of the court but the umpire found her guilty of breaking a rule.

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However, men players never break a rule when they go topless on the tennis court as you can see player Novak Djokovic sitting topless during break but he was not handed a code of violation.

If you remember, the French Open Officials even banned the catsuit worn by Serena Williams and the reason that they gave was that one must respect the game and the place. Well, it was a fully covered dress that was worn due to health related reasons which makes it more difficult to understand how it was disrespecting the game and the place.

If we go by the report that was published in ABC, it tells that as per the 2018 WTA rule guide, women players should change their dresses off-court and that too in the “most private location”. They should have explained the meaning of “most private location” as it is very confusing to understand.



As the matter got a lot of attention, the US Open soon issued an apology stating that they are upset about the code of violation given to Cornet. They also clarified that she has been given a warning only and no fine or penalty has been imposed, just to make sure that this type of incident doesn’t take place in the future.

Cornet accepted the apology but she did slam the President of the French Tennis Federation for banning the dress of Serena Williams.

This incident has created a storm on the social media and people are not happy about it. However, some are saying that she was handed a code of violation because she changed between the points while men were seen removing their shirt in the break time or at the end of the game.




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