One Question – Why do women get judged so much? When we go out at night, when you see us drunk at a bar, when you see our skirt ride up two millimeters above our knee, it concludes – we’re asking for it, we’re not worth it or just how could we, right? The clothes we wear, the places we frequent or even the pictures we post on Instagram – it ain’t because we like living a certain way, it’s because we enjoy the attention from everywhere. All our actions, from getting a haircut, a tattoo or having a baby, revolve around what our parents or fellows want from us.

Here are 15 things that are a tribute to such wicked, nasty women who just can’t seem to stop asking for it.


I am a writer, lover, traveler and a human who is very optimistic. Graduate in Mass Communication, advertising and journalism. I love to pen down my views on diverse subjects. I am very curious and love grabbing knowledge even from the places least expected. I am a traveling freak. I believe ‘travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer’.

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