Now days in social media as well as news , all you find is experiences of women facing sexual harassment or is another experience which happened with me year ago.

I am from Noida, on completing my graduation I got offer from MNC. I was happy and excited for the for my career. Everything was normal, the job became important part of my life , financially as well as socially … but after 6 months behavior of my boss was quite changed, he started pressuring me. He started giving me extra work and always used to complaint on my tasks.I was shocked , thought may be he is stressed and that is why he is acting extra strict but later i found this was happening only with me.One day he called me in his office and while he was complaining about my faults he suddenly  tried to hold me and the way he talks to me was not normal , his tone was changed from harsh to sweet. I could sense something wrong in his attitude .

Your performance may lead you out of the company or some of extra efforts might get you a promotions.

This is what he said and left me. I just ran from the situation.I kept thinking what he wanted to say… did he mean about my work or he was expecting something else.

From next few days i tried to not face him in Office so after few days he called me in his cabin. He said what you thought about our last discussion , i did not know what to say and he suddenly asked me about dinner. 

Lets go for a dinner tonight and while taking drinks decide about your future.

I could not speak anything that moment, i knew what he meant by that , i was afraid to loose my job but did not want to do any compromise with my life as well.Before i could say a word he hold my back and said this conversation should be left between us else your life will be ruined. 

I just ran from his cabin and moments after even left the office.I wanted to complaint,wanted to share this to my family ,friends but did not had guts.As we know in India in most of the cases women are blamed and faces the circumstances so i stayed quite.I was so depressed that I start skipping office most of the days. For many days I was under depression and for many nights was not able to sleep. It was tough for me to go to office , though he was not calling me again in his cabin but i was not same anymore.So left with no options I end up by leaving my job.

I never able to gain the confidence i used to have before that incident, wonder when things will be changed for women.


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